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All my life it was hard for me to be bullied by all the people. Everyone hated me for something I did not want to become. The feeling of being rejected because of how I look makes me sad. I am so depressed about this kind of face and blame it for having no real friends. Every time I watched in the mirror; I can see how ugly I am and how accurate what they say to me. Maybe I look a monster, and no one will ever be close to me. Every day I cried overnight and prayed that a miracle would happen to me and it heals the wound in my face.


I am born normal in London, and everyone knows it. We are not wealthy people and my parents are just an ordinary one. We always strive hard for our food and for everything that is our necessities. My parents always gave us everything they can, and I am happy about it. They are still there to make us happy even on those simple things. I am so glad that they are the kinds of parents we have. No matter how difficult our life is, they always make sure to give us a happy and useful life. We are already contented with the little that we have and never asked for more. As long as my family and I are together and creating memories altogether. Life is beautiful when you have them. No matter how hard your life, they ease the pain in me and always been my supporter.


I can’t remember how I get this scar because I was only three years old that happened. According to my mom, she left me to my father that is also sick on that day. Mom was the only one who works to have our food. My father falls asleep while boiling water and no one had watched me when I go towards the boiling water and pour it all over my body. I was rushed to the hospital and been there for almost a month to heal. The scars left in me for two decades now, and it was not easy to handle the criticism of other people. I can still remember a long time ago, when I was still a kid, there was a group of children who play outside, and I want to join them. So I asked my mom that I will play with them for a while and be back after. She allows me, and I go to those children. But my expectation was wrong, when I approach them that I will join the play, they refuse and start to tease me about my scar. They don’t stop until I cry.  They even throw me a stone to go away, and that hurt me so much. It hurts me to the point that I will lock myself in the room and hurt myself. That was the first criticism I got from other, and since then, I used to distant myself to them. I told my parents to take away all the mirrors we have because every time I see my face, it just reminds me how ugly I am. My parents always comfort me from feeling this way; they never abandon me in my struggles day. They are still there to remind me that I am beautiful, but I know the truth. They always tell me I am beautiful which is not and I wish that someday this scar in me will be gone.


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